Python community Q&A session

We have collected questions from the community via slido. We will then assign a question to a core dev before the Q&A start, so the core dev can come prepared with answer.

The community Q&A session will be recorded and published to The PSF’s YouTube channel.

Schedule: Tuesday, Oct 20, 2020, 3 PM Central time.

Python community had the opportunity to ask a question to core devs via slido. This was open between September 24 - September 30.

Core developers, please go to this Google Sheets and assign a question to yourself. We suggest prioritize answering the ones with most upvotes, however feel free to pick a question that you’re comfortable with answering.

See also

Participant List and Sprint Projects for the list of all sprint participants and their sprint projects

Core devs participating in the Community Q&A

  • Joannah Nanjekye

  • Barry Warsaw

  • Pablo Galindo Salgado

  • Mariatta

  • Łukasz Langa

  • Senthil Kumaran

  • Carol Willing

  • Andrew Kuchling

  • Neil Schemenauer

  • Petr Viktorin, if there’s relevant question

  • Zach Ware

  • Brett Cannon

  • Eric V. Smith

  • Stefan Behnel

  • Ned Deily

  • Lysandros Nikolaou

  • Emily Morehouse

  • Jason R. Coombs

  • Kyle

  • Terry Jan Reedy

  • Guido van Rossum

  • Thomas Wouters

  • Yury Selivanov, can answer questions re asyncio

  • Steve Dower, if there’s relevant question

  • Christian Heimes

  • Eric Snow

  • Gregory P. Smith

  • Brandt Bucher

  • Mark Shannon