Social Activities

Escape Room

We will be playing the game Escape From Cell 126. (Online review of the game). We have purchased 6 access codes, so up to 6 teams can play on this game.

If you’d like to join a game, please sign up by filling in this Google Sheets. (You should have access to this if you’ve signed up for the sprint).

If there are no more spots available and you’d like to play, please let us know!!

Each group is responsible to choose a time to play the game. Allocate at least 1 hour to play it.

Please read the following email ahead of time.

Your escape adventure starts here!

Thank you for purchasing ESC From Cell 126. We can’t wait for you to get escaping! Make sure you read this email carefully. It includes important information about the game and your unique game link.

The important bits…

Your team

You can have as many players in you team as you like but we think the game works best with 2-6 people. If you are playing with a remote team, you will need to set up a video call so you can talk to each other. We recommend using an app with the ability to screenshare such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype.


If you are using the same device to play the game and video call, do not block the right hand side of your screen - this is where your clues are stored and you might miss them!!

Remote teams: to screenshare…or not to screenshare

You have two options when it comes to playing with a remote team:

Option 1) You, as the organiser, go to the game link on your laptop or PC and screen share the game with your team. Get your team to go to the game link on their phones so they can read clues independently.

Option 2) Your whole team goes to the game link on their laptop or PCs. This allows everyone to see the full game and interact with clues and puzzles. Just like in a real escape room, when one person solves a puzzle, it is solved for everyone. Similarly, if one person asks for a clue, the clue is shown to everyone.

We like option one for teamwork but option two means everyone gets to play around with the puzzles. The choice is yours!

Your device and browser

A desktop or laptop is ideal but ultimately, you’ll need a device which is at least as big as an iPad in order to view the full game. You can view the clues on any device. Check whether your device is compatible by going to this link.

You should use the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox to play the game on your laptop or PC. Other browsers may work but we cannot guarantee that all features will be supported. If you are using an iPad, we recommend using Safari.

What if I get stuck?

There are three hints available for every puzzle within the game. The hints will progressively give you more information. If you still do not have the correct answer after three hints, you will be able to view the answer.


You can start the game when you like. There is no time limit but most players finish the game in around 1 hour.

Can I play it again?

Your game link is unique and can only be used once. If you accidentally leave your game mid session, you can come back to it using the same link - all your progress will be saved.

The exciting bits…

Your unique game links:

We will populate the Google Sheets. with the game links prior to the start of the sprint.

Good luck and happy escaping!

ESC The Game Team

Online Board Game

Details TBD

Unstructured social time

There will be a dedicated “break” room in Discord. Feel free to jump in there and chat with other attendees.